if you could tell your UF Veterinary HERO one thing, what would it be?

World Veterinary Day is a globally observed holiday to highlight and promote the lifesaving work performed by veterinary professionals around the world.

For Richard Gonzmart and family, World Veterinary Day provides them with another opportunity to express their sincere gratitude for the amazing life-saving work performed by the UF Small Animal Hospital at The UF College of Veterinary Medicine.

In 2011, 5-year old German Shephard, Rusty, was diagnosed with bone cancer by the Gonzmart’s local veterinarian. The recommendation was euthanasia. With hope-in-hand, they came to the UF Small Animal Hospital to seek an alternative outcome, and waited with baited breath while Rusty was examined by the Oncology Service. To everyone’s surprise, Rusty was cancer free and was diagnosed with a curable fungal infection (that appears the same as bone cancer in x-rays). Rusty was transferred to the Internal Medicine Department for this manageable disease.

Alex Gallagher, DVM, MS, DACVIM (SAIM) and the talented veterinary team oversaw Rusty’s treatment and lifelong management of the disease. Because of the UF Small Animal Hospital, Rusty wagged his tail for another 7 years. Richard and his family are grateful for the compassion and expertise shown by every member of Rusty’s veterinary healthcare team.

“I saw so many people in the waiting room with their family members, their four-legged family members. I know the pain,” Gonzmart said. “We’re blessed to have such a great animal hospital…If we hadn’t gone there, we would’ve had to put him down.”

Join the Gonzmart family this World Veterinary Day and share a message of gratitude in honor of your UF Veterinary healthcare hero. We will deliver your message to your favorite veterinarian, technician, student, staff member or other team member that made your visit with the UF Veterinary Hospitals at the College of Veterinary Medicine memorable.

In celebration of World Veterinary Day on Saturday, April 24, consider making a gift. A donation of any size will honor your UF veterinary hero as well as support the most critical needs of the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.

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