Your Impact Pet Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Meet students impacted by your participation in the Pet Memorial Program. Since inception, this fund has awarded close to 30 scholarships.

Pet Memorial Scholarship Recipients

dvm class of 2021

Dr. Corey Fisher

"Ultimately, I would like to be in a position where I could dedicate some time each month to provide low cost veterinary care to under served populations."

Corey was was born and raised in Hollywood Florida. He had an interest in animals as a child and became set on veterinarian medicine after he shadowed at the Hollywood Animal Hospital. He received his undergraduate degree at UF where his experiences solidified his passion for veterinary medicine. These experiences included volunteering with the St. Francis Pet Care Clinic that works with under served populations.  Corey says, "Scholarships have greatly improved my educational experience. The financial support allows me to stress less about finances and instead focus on the many daily tasks of veterinary school. In addition, these scholarship also boost my passion and enthusiasm for veterinary medicine because knowing someone is supporting my success encourages me to become even more engaged in all the opportunities the vet school has to offer."

2022 DVM Candidate

Gina Hinton

"After graduation, I would like to become a general practice small animal veterinarian. However, my ultimate goal is to return to academics to help educate and encourage future veterinarians.”

Growing up with a parent in the veterinary field, Gina always had a love for animals. However, it was not until college when she decided to become a veterinarian.  She said "I fought for it. It was my passion. It was a very difficult journey, but it was my dream, so I did not give up."  She was a teacher for 2 years while working towards her Masters in Microbiology and Cell Science. When asked what she most enjoys about UF CVM she said, "I love having the opportunity to work with experts in so many different fields from all over the world. I feel like we are able to get a wonderful education from these amazing professionals. I love seeing how much they love to teach us students and help us grow to become future doctors."

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