Pet Memorial

Honor the memory of your special friends, and help veterinary students at the same time.


Men, women, senior citizens, children, presidents, laborers…what do many of these people have in common?

The love and devotion of a companion animal.

Through the ages and all over the world, people have shared a bond with companion animals whether it be the traditional dog, cat or bird, or the more exotic snake or iguana. We are as devoted to our animals as they are to us. In fact, most companion animals become an integral part of our family unit. There is nothing more devastating to a pet owner than the death of their beloved animal friend. Whether the cause is due to old age, an untimely accident, or other circumstances- it is a blow that leaves a pet owner with a sense of tremendous loss.

The Pet Memorial Program at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine provides a way for pet owners to make a difference. A gift to the Pet Memorial Program in memory of someone’s beloved pet relays the message that you truly care about this significant loss in their lives, and in a way that benefits all animals by supporting Florida’s only College of Veterinary Medicine. Many people are touched that someone has taken the time to let them know how much they sympathize by remembering their pet in this special way. A contribution to the Pet Memorial Program can aid in the healing process when a pet passes away, and offers an opportunity to acknowledge pain and loss in a meaningful way.

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