Veterinary Access Scholarship 2015-2016

VETERINARY ACCESS SCHOLARSHIP, Funding the Future of Veterinary Medicine


Whether through companionship, sport, or industry, animal and their owners have a powerful relationship. Central to this relations is a vital partner – the veterinarian. Enriching people’s lives through the health and well-being of their animals is a veterinarian’s mission.

In addition to providing companion animal care, veterinarians serve many roles to ensure the health and welfare of animals, humans and the environment including:

  • identifying new and emerging threats to both human and animal health
  • ensuring the safety, wholesomeness and sustainability to the food supply
  • providing for the health, welfare and productivity of livestock
  • protecting global ecosystems, biodiversity, endangered wildlife and aquatic species through conservation initiatives
  • advancing biomedical science through basic, translational and clinical research species

As the cost of a veterinary medical education continues to rise and as resources available for student support become more limited, many promising scholars may choose to pursue other professions. Those who do manage the cost of their degree must also plan for years of loan repayment, which may limit their professional choices after graduation. The escalating debt load for veterinary medical students is threatening the future of the profession.  We can reverse this trend.

A gift to the UF Veterinary Access Scholarship opens the door for the next generation of veterinarians.  By reducing the cost of their education, tomorrow’s UF College of Veterinary Medicine students can take the many disciplines within veterinary medicine to new heights. We need our future veterinarians to enter the profession with more options and less debt.

The UF College of Veterinary Medicine is one of only 30 in the United States.  In an academic environment that is already highly competitive, we are committed to providing the resources that will ensure a more diverse student population and more dynamic professional opportunities for our graduates.  Please join us by making a gift to the scholarship of your choice. Your gift will ensure the future of veterinary medicine and that the profession’s impact on all of us will remain long-lasting and deep.  YOUR GIFT WILL ENSURE THE FUTURE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE.

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