NAVC Alumni Reception 2016

We did it again! The college hosted a hugely successful alumni reception at the North American Veterinary Conference on Jan. 17, with record attendance for a special 40th Anniversary-themed party. And what a party it was: An orange-and-blue balloon arch, banners, special ambient lighting and a cake-cutting by members of the Charter Class all set this event apart and made for an especially festive occasion. Several members of our college’s emeritus faculty attended the event as well and were acknowledged by Dean Jim Lloyd for their contributions. Here are some photos from the event.

NAVC alumni gallery i-D6P5XWX-XL i-dq7wcrz-XL i-xnNzvts-XL NAVC-003_7514688 (Small) NAVC-006_4573 (Small) NAVC-007_4574 (Small) NAVC-014_4582 (Small) NAVC-015_4584 (Small) NAVC-016_4587 (Small) NAVC-021_4593 (Small) NAVC-022_4596 (Small) NAVC-032_4612 (Small) NAVC-038_7514716 (Small) NAVC-046_4651 (Small) NAVC-048_4654 (Small) NAVC-051_4662 (Small) NAVC-055_4672 (Small) NAVC-059_4682 (Small) NAVC-061_4689 (Small) NAVC-063_4700 (Small) NAVC-066_4703 (Small) NAVC-073_4717 (Small) NAVC-081_4730 (Small) NAVC-085_4740 (Small) NAVC-087_4744 (Small) NAVC-088_4745 (Small) NAVC-094_7514759 (Small)