Scholarships (OUR)-smOur students are extraordinary scientists who could have easily pursued graduate degrees in nearly any field.  It is their love of animals that brings them here.  They study intensively for four years and pass rigorous exams and boards to become veterinarians.  Consider investing in our students and their future through a gift of scholarship.

If you would like to create a scholarship in your name or to honor a faculty member or loved-one, please contact a member of our advancement team at (352) 294-4256.



F023985-Advancement in Integrative Veterinary Medicine: The Leo Silver Scholarship

  • The Leo Silver Scholarship, created by Mae Silver and Judith Silver, commemorates and honors the exemplary treatment provided to their beloved Alaskan Malamute Leo by the staff, students, and faculty in the Integrative Medicine Service at University of Florida Small Animal Hospital. The purpose of the Scholarship is to aid and encourage study and practice in Integrative Medicine, including but not limited to, studies in complements and alternatives to ‘traditional Western medicine’ which seek to address holistic treatment of the mind, body and spirit of the animal.

F020571- UF Veterinary Access Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Endowed fund that supports scholarships for DVM students at the college.

F020391- Graduate Student Support Fund

  • Support the UF College of Veterinary Medicine’s graduate students pursuing a Master of Science or PhD degree in veterinary medicine.

F000809- Veterinary College Scholarship Fund

  • General non-endowed scholarship fund

F014423- Veterinary Public Health Fund

  • Support expenses for 15 University of Florida students in the DVM/MPH program


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Please contact a member of our advancement team at or (352) 294-4256.

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