Dean’s Circle Honor Roll

Listed below are friends of the college who have joined this premier society that supports unparalleled educational and institutional excellence.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime members include those who pledged a cash gift of $25,000 or who have documented a bequest gift of $100,000+.

  • Patti & Bill Alcorn
  • Dena Baker & Andrew Taylor
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Steven Beecham
  • Caloosa Veterinary Medical Society
  • Susan Carastro & Kim Skielnik
  • Richard & Kristina Carpenter
  • Frances Carter
  • Betsy Coville
  • Kathleen & Brad Deckard
  • Larry & Rita Dee
  • Christopher & Tiffany Blocker Eich
  • Aurelio & Berta Fernandez
  • Joan Freed
  • Mary Gardner
  • Dennis & Gayle Geagan
  • Heidi Goss
  • Paul Slade Hayman
  • David (d) & Tatia Heine
  • Julio Ibáñez
  • Richard Kane
  • Tim Lassett
  • Bern & Mary Levine
  • Marta Lista
  • James Lloyd
  • Linda Lovallo & Sherman Stratton
  • Dana McDaniel
  • Michael McNulty
  • Richard Nancarrow
  • Loren T. Nations
  • Janet Nesbitt & James Block
  • Paul Nicoletti (d)
  • Nanette Parratto-Wagner
  • Terri Parrott-Nenezian (d)
  • Douglas Pearce
  • Jaime Klimsey Pickett
  • Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Society
  • Kathy & Ken Purcell
  • Thom Smith & Corinne Brown
  • Stephanie (Kane) Suiter
  • The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC)
  • Link Welborn
  • Thomas Wronski

Leadership Members

Leadership members include those who have pledged a cash gift of $10,000.

  • Jack & Rebecca Beal
  • Jeff Godwin
  • Tamara Faulkner Kelly
  • Gary Neuman
  • James Pennington
  • David Randall
  • Stacy Randall
  • David Rogers & Christopher Tersigni

Loyal Members

Loyal members include those who have pledged a cash gift of $5,000.

  • Christopher & Darcy Adin
  • Timothy Bowser
  • Carlos & Lisa Campos
  • Arnold & Jill Goldman
  • Tim Gossman
  • John & Elizabeth Harvey
  • Stephen Joiner
  • Denise Kraemer (Ginex)
  • Dawne Lazar
  • Robert Moja
  • Jonathan Wald
  • Richard Williams
  • Patricia Wlasuk
  • Dane & Jessica Zimring

Honorary Members

Honorary members include those who have received the Dean’s Circle of Excellence Scholarship in the past five years. 

  • Nicholas Alonso
  • Rachel Grabar
  • Samuel Hollister
  • Benjamin Rogers
  • Gregory Trende

Updated as of June 29, 2022.

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